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The young girl possessed by demons, who inspired the “Exorcism of Emily Rose”!


She died after a ritual of exorcism and she inspired two films that make you feel cold shivers down your spine – “Exorcism of Emily Rose” and “Requiem”. It’s Anneliese Michel, a young German, Catholic religion, which was said she was possessed by demons. Girl’s sufferings were considered by doctors ...

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What happens when you die?


“What happens when you die?” is a question that scientists offer different answers, some more or less sustained by the studies. A user of the Reddit website posted this question and received replies from people who have experienced this in one form or another. The Independent has selected some answers, ...

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I am not going into the living…

photo bomb

Bethany Harvey from United Kingdom has made a self in the mirror together with her grandson. The young girl from UK said she never would have expected to see this sinister presence in that picture. “We were taking a Snapchat picture with me and my nephew, but my sister jumped ...

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  • patricia

    Patricia Krentcil The ‘Tanning Mom’

    Patricia Krentcil is a warped mother, aged 44, who has led the little girl, aged only 5 years at a tanning salon. Now she was arrested and is likely to spend years behind bars. It is enough to look to the women, to realize what is in her head.

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  • gravity

    Bad Idea